ИНТЕРЕСНОЕ: Коллекционеры Вконтакте покупают редкие вкладыши от жвачки Tutbo по 5000-10.000 руб. за один вкладыш.
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Kenneth Macksey

Afrika Korps
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In February 1941 things looked black for the Axis in North Africa, following defeat after defeat inflicted upon the Italian army at the hands of a small British tank force. Two months later all that had changed-the British themselves lay in confusion and the Axis beat upon...
Panzer Leader — General Heinz Guderian
General Heinz Guderian’s revolutionary strategic vision and his skill in armored combat brough Germany its initial victories during World War II. Combining Guderian’s land offensive with Luftwaffe attacks, the Nazi Blitzkrieg decimated the defenses of Poland, Norway, France—and, very neatly,...