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Bruce Quarrie

Osprey — Battle Orders 015 — German Airborne Divisions — Mediterranean Theatre 1942–45
После сражения за о. Крит в мае 1941 г., Гитлер был сильно огорчён потерями в рядах парашютистов (около 4.000 погибших, в том числе командир 7-ой воздушной дивизии – генерал-лейтенант Вильгельм Зюссман – планёр,...
Waffen SS in Russia: A selection of German wartime photographs from the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz (World War 2 photo album 3)
When Hitler invaded Soviet Russia in June 1941, Waffen-SS divisions were in the fore front of the fighting and remained there throughout the war, spearheading the drive on Moscow and the battles around Kharkov and Kursk, and finally capitating only after last-ditch stands in the crumbling ruins...
Hitler's Samurai: The Waffen-SS in Action

'Rarely has an army had to pay such a high price for defeat as the Waffen-SS.' I quoted this statement by HIAG * in the introduction to the first edition of this book, and it remains true. The whole of the Schutzstaffel, from the most richly deserving butchers like Eichmann to the young...