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Count Vlad

Count Vlad
Level 4 (B1)
Alfred held the telegram under the lamp and started reading: «Draca Village 10th November, 1895 Will always remember my visit to England and particarly meeting you and your remarkable friend who knows so much about bats. I have bad news. I am dying and badly in need of your help. I wish to clear the Draca name before I leave this world. Please come quickly.»

Автор: Jenny Dooley
Название: Count Vlad (Book, Activity book, Audio)
Издательство: Express Publishing UK
Год: 1999
Формат: PDF, MP3 128 Kbps
Размер: 106 Mb
Язык: Английский


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Метки: языки, Издательство «Express Publishing UK», Аудиокниги 1999 года, Jenny Dooley, Аудиокниги в PDF, MP3 128 KBPS, Язык: Английский

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